Ofubito – Zenoh’s on the throne



Release date:  Q1 2019 

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world wide Limited to 50-100pcs (never rerun, once sold out it’s hard to obtain)

  • Height – 40cm~
  • comes with Certificate of Authenticity card
  • Safe layered foam packaging
  • Includes two pairs of Zenoh’s, you decide which ones to display.
  • Doesn’t directly attach to the rest of the diorama in order to allow for the statue to be displayed with the Zenoh’s looking at either individual fights from our diorama or at the diorama put together from any angle.

Edition Size – We planned to make 50 of these, but if we are able to sell 100 or more, the price will be lowered.

Send an email to: plan-dbzstore@hotmail.com Include: product Name, your Country, Shipping method When can you pay it off. We will send a payment plan invoice to your email address.